All UK companies at Biotech Showcase 2013

UK companies registered for Biotech Showcase 2013 with the official UK group

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Arecor,, Communications Strategy Group, Domainex, Haemostatix, Integrated Magnetic Systems Ltd, International Bioscience Managers, Kymab, Polytherics, Prosonix, Reneuron, Sareum, Synpromics, UKTI Life Sciences Investment Organisation


All attending UK companies*:

Adaptimmune, AllCloud Networks, Almac Discovery, Apposite Capital, Arecor, AstraZeneca,, Communications Strategy Group Inc, Biotechnology Growth Trust, Catalysis Capital Partners, Cell Therapy Catapult, College Hill Life Sciences, Domainex, Edinburgh BioQuarter, Entrepreneurs Fund, Haemostatix, Immune Targeting Systems, Immunocore, Imperial innovations investment, Integrated Magnetic Systems, International Bioscience Managers, Inventages Venture Capital, Karus Therapeutics, Kymab, Loxbridge Research, MISSION Therapeutics, Nature, PolyTherics, PRISM IDEAS, Prosonix, PsiOxus Therapeutics, ReNeuron Group, RUSSLAN Clinical Research, Sachs Associates, Sareum, Scottish Enterprise, Synpromics, transB, UKTI Life Sciences Investment Organisation, Virdispharma


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